Guardian Angel

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Description of Guardian Angel

Available for download at 135 countries.

Looking for your mobile phone?

Prevent family member lost issue.

You can know the phone position immediately.


Do you know where your kids are?

Do you worry about senior families getting lost?

Do you doubt your lover be working overtime in office?

Install "Guardian Angel" in his(her) android phone now! No more worry!

Let the android phone works as GPS personal tracker. You can track his(her) location anytime, whether the phone is in use or standby. All steps are in silent mode, never interfere the phone user.


1) Install "Guardian Angel" in his(her) android phone.

Run the program.

Input password. The default password is 0000.

2) Key in your phone number in "Phone List".

3) Select your phone type, android smart phone, non-android smart phone(iPhone/Windows phone/...) or general phone.

4) Send SMS(command = 1234) to his(her) android phone, which is installed "Guardian Angel" and with your phone number in phone list. His(her) android phone will reply the position by SMS, less than 1 minute.

Suggest to setup "Location & security" in the phone with "Guardian Angel" installed:

1) Click the menu function of android phone, select "Settings".

2) Select "Location & security" in Settings window.

3) Enable "Use wireless networks", "Use GPS satellites" and "Use assisted GPS" in Location & security settings window.

Please visit "Guardian Angel" website to get detail information.https://sites.google.com/site/tcemytracker01/home★★ Note ★★

1) Suggest to enable 3G/GPRS function on the phone which is installed "Guardian Angel", or make sure the phone connected to internet by Wi-Fi. If you want to get address SMS, or position in no GPS environment, the phone should connect to internet successfully.

2) Strongly recommend to get the phone owner agree before you install "Guardian Angel". Forbid to use "Guardian Angel" on spy, illegal tracking and any illegal activities. Please respect and follow privacy and related laws in your country. Illegal-use induces related privacy or legal issues should be the responsibility of the user. We do not be responsible for user's any legal issues by illegal-use!

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APK Version 1.16
Compatibility Android 2.2.x+ (Froyo)
Developer TCE corp., Ltd.
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